meganMegan Hughes has been creating butterflies for the Butterfly Effect since January of 2014 when a swarm of wooden butterflies landed on her doorstep ready and waiting to be transformed. Tasha and Megan have been friends since 1999 when they met in San Diego, both were very involved with the ministry of Young Life and a lifelong friendship ensued. After reconnecting at a friends birthday party in 2014, Tasha shared with Megan how the Butterfly Effect began and the vision behind each Drop. As an artist and as someone who has a deep connection to the butterflies Megan instantly wanted to be involved.

 During her first pregnancy Megan and her husband learned that their baby girl had a chromosomal abnormality that would not allow her to live. “The day we discovered this, our car was surrounded with Monarch Butterflies in the middle of a busy, concrete intersection in the center of town. We know right then and there that God was going to carry us through and that He would take this incredibly difficult story and turn it into something lovely”, says Megan. Ever since the butterfly has held a special place in her heart and reminds her and her family how God can turn anything into something extraordinarily magnificent in His time.

 The butterflies Megan has created have been a mixed bag of mediums. Some were adorned with cancelled stamps purchased from an old stamp collecting store, some were painted with craft pens and others were colored on with pretty markers. Recently, the ones Megan has created were originally painted by five dear friends she knows through a ministry called Beyond Limits. Through Beyond Limits these five friends have been given the opportunity to attend a two year college program for adults with special needs. Megan and a friend conducted an art class for them, with one class being devoted specifically to butterflies. “We learned about the butterfly’s symbolism of hope and . . . how God takes these creepy, crawly ground-dwellers and turns them into beautiful things we get to enjoy. These have been my favorite butterflies to date”.

 When she is not with the Beyond Limits students creating, Megan is with teenagers, coaching swimming, with women of all ages studying the Bible, or grade school students talking about history. But mostly, “I am committed to raising our three children with everything in me, hoping that I am investing deep love into each of them so they can flit and fly away one day and bless all those they come in contact with all across the globe,” says, Megan.