“Maybe you have to know darkness before you can appreciate the light” Vicky Austin /A Ring of Endless Light by Madeline L’Engle
I’m finding that the things I miss during this time in shelter – are directly tied to the things I am suddenly grateful for.  A few that come to mind are
*Walks with friends in the Canyon
*Long dinners and good conversation  at our favorite restaurants
*Classes at the gym with my community
*Dancing in the pit at concerts
*Movies in the theater
*Getting on a flight with Erik to go share with a large group of people all sitting close to each other
*Meeting  a friend for coffee
*Visiting family
*Travel – and even the planning  of travel
*Going to physical therapy

These are all things I took for granted. Pre CV19 when  it was “light”, I’d  love to say I recognized those things as a privilege or a freedom, but I don’t think I really considered them at all. I just DID them. Now in shelter in the “dark” I appreciate the light. In my want – I find gratitude for those things I miss. I find it’s a centering practice when I am feeling stuck or stir crazy to appreciate the darkness for showing me the light. And in that, I find that both the light and the darkness have something to teach me.
It’s yes … and.