If you’ve heard me speak about Butterfly Effect, you’ll know the name Nicole Bianchi @nicole.m.bianchi  and the story of the purple butterfly that was a transformative moment in our movement. https://butterflyeffectbethechange.com/blog/embracing-the-unexpected/ Fast forward 6 years later and Nicole has become a friend as well as one of our most active butterfly ambassadors. Nicole has spearheaded @papillion.150 a project to install 12 social butterflies in her community. Yesterday she sent me this photo and the following. “Dave, Moe, and I stopped at Graleys for ice cream and walked across the street to the library stairs in perfect view of our beautiful butterfly. Three girls were there trying to take their own picture by propping their phone on their car.  We watched for five or seven minutes and then I told Dave and Moe I was gonna walk over an offer to help. I introduce myself and let them know that we had painted the butterfly and I’d be happy to take their picture. They went on to tell me each one of their stories and how butterflies had touched their lives.  Two of the girls lost their best Friend at Peru State to suicide.  The third one has lost her mother and believes she sees her in butterflies.  All three had matching butterfly tattoos as a moment of sisterhood and what butterflies mean to them.  They had tears when I told them my story and our story of bringing it to Papillion.  They said thank you so much for doing this and just couldn’t believe it.  I sent them to the #kloeandkirkbutterfly next and shared the story.  These butterflies are making a difference.  We don’t always hear the stories.  This night we did.  💜”  thank you Nicole for being the change you want to see in the world.