Taking on a Butterfly Effect project was a natural progression for 17-year-old Jada Talton, a Dothan, Ala., homeschooled high-school junior. She’s always loved to draw and paint, plus her parents instilled a deep sense of social responsibility in Jada and her two sisters since they were small.

“My mother has volunteered at local homeless shelters and my sisters and I have helped collect donations for them. I just felt this was a neat way to give back and help those types of organizations while allowing visitors of the butterfly the chance to snap a picture with some cool artwork!” Jada said.

Her mother, Rochelle, agrees. “I think the Butterfly program is an excellent way to inspire people to get up and do something, not only themselves, but for others. Parents need to teach children that hard work and determination pays off, and without both, you cannot succeed. Being the catalyst for others to see something positive in an often chaotic and busy world (and hopefully, thereby encouraging or inspiring them to do the same) as an example is important because it can be the beginning of a chain reaction. Basically, it’s the foundation of the reason to do good.”

Jada’s butterfly, resplendent in indigo on a cream-colored wall, will benefit her local Ark Thrift Store by attracting shoppers and creating awareness about the organization’s mission to help men who are homeless, struggling with addiction, out of prison or just need a time in their life to start over.

The butterfly is a perfect metaphor, Jada says. “I do believe they represent transformation and a new beginning, so in many ways, the butterfly can signify change or a second chance.”

Jada is amplifying the message of her butterfly on social media, and has been interviewed by local news outlets.

She says she hopes that visitors come away with encouragement, inspiration, and positive vibes. “I love art, and wanted to leave a mark here in my hometown and to help others.”

Rochelle says she’s extremely proud of her daughter, and thinks the project is not only helping the Ark, but Jada as well. “This project put her out of her comfort zone a bit but also helped her to see how her talent could be used to help others and to leave a mark on a small community where hope is still needed and appreciated,” Rochelle said. “Now, through the butterfly, Jada is able to know that she is a tiny part in the process of changing lives for years to come, and that is a pretty good self-esteem booster.”

Get involved! Learn how to bring a Butterfly to your community to help a cause near to your heart.

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