As the world begins to open up again, I find myself attached to the quiet of Sheltering In. I’m ready to get back out there, but not at the expense of losing this new consciousness that has awakened. I’ve talked to many people who are expressing the same sentiments, yet it’s very hard to put into words a feeling, a knowing. As we share with each other most of us agree, there is something new arising.  Perhaps it’s always been there, but we are finally  still enough, to notice it.  For me, in the quiet I feel a great Love.  In the stillness I am learning something about this Love that is holding us all. In the calmness, I am seeing that I do not have to perform to be worthy of this Love. I don’t have to be productive to be worthy of this Love. My day can consist of being present with those around me and the situations that arise, and that’s enough for this Love.  I am learning that rather than me being driven in my tasks, I am being drawn by the Love. This Love can hold the pain and growth and is big enough to bridge the impasses. This Love can hold the dark nights of the soul, the winter and the dying. In this Love, there is no need for power or possessions or prestige. Inside this Love I don’t need to be right. In this Love there is no place for me to cling tightly to my husband or my boys. They are to be held lightly. I can lift them into the Love, but I don’t control how the Love molds and transforms their lives. I am learning to trust the Love and let go. I am even learning to let the Love, love me. I have a sense that I will not be able to hold on to this new consciousness without a serious daily practice of being still and connecting to this Love. If I can hold on to this knowing, this connection, then the Sheltering In time will truly have a ripple effect, the butterfly effect, on the rest of my life. #butterflybtc