Last night after dinner I was in a funk. A walk in the canyon at sunset is always excellent medicine. Chloe gets to chase bunnies and have her evening  romp in the magical twilight, and her joy is contagious. I also used my “phoned a friend lifeline” as I was needing some feminine energy. She listened, we laughed, I cried, she loved me. She didn’t try to fix anything. She actively listened by asking  me questions and allowing  me to feel heard. It wasn’t that my problem was solved but that I had help bearing it. She lightened my load and was light to my soul. She set an example for me that I hope I can be  for others during this time. Most of our questions about Covid-19 and it’s subsequent consequences are as of yet unanswerable. I sense we don’t need answers as much as we need a community of people who will help us to bear each other’s  burdens. People to help us feel heard and sit beside us in solidarity. People who as the sun sets at the end of a day, will be for each other bearers of light. #butterflybtc