On my vision quest last summer, our leader Anne Stine taught about the covenant we have with the earth. Anne said “ If everyone takes only what the balance and teach that to the children. We can’t restore what is lost, the momentum is too great, but we can be grateful and remember. Remembering to be grateful, restores the covenant of reciprocity and all living things“
I think this is a beautiful teaching. For me  it transcends beyond the relationship I have with the earth. It works for me in the relationship I have with food, or money, or my ego. It works for me in the relationships I have with others. In any of those relationships we cant restore what is lost but remembering to be grateful restores the covenant of reciprocity.  We mourn the losses and we honor them and then in faith we move on. Perhaps this is the art of healing.
So when I am feeling depleted in any of my relationships with people, with the earth, or now my relationship with Covid-19, I have 3 steps I take to try to put my feet on the path to restorative love.  1- I walk slowly. I pay attention. I listen. I center. I try to remember the balance I would want to model to my children. 2- I remember what I am grateful for. I mourn what is lost, and I honor by remembering it in gratitude.  3-  I celebrate what I still have and I believe in the power of love to restore the reciprocity. 🦋#butterflybtc