I just finished reading The Book of Longings by @suemonkkidd .
In 2 days. And I underlined and ⭐️ed and ❤️ed and took pages of notes in my journal.  I’m a re-reader and I love to find my notes from an earlier season, to see what resonated with  me and how I’ve grown. I’ve read some of my beloved books a dozen times. I find new hope and deeper meaning with each read.

My favorite line in the Book of Longings  is a prayer the main character Ana prays at the beginning of the book. “Bless the Largeness inside of me, no matter how I fear it.” Wow. The idea that we  each have a Largeness in us- a God given purpose for living in this moment in time, fills me with hope. But what struck me was the second part “no matter how I fear it”. The truth in that stopped me in my tracks. How often do I stay small because of my fear? How often do I silence my inner voice because I don’t think it’s important? How often do I discount my own knowing because it goes against the grain? I have no problem seeing the Largeness in those around me. They are fingerprints of our creator.  I am a professional at encouraging and cheering on others. But what about my own Largeness?This prayer reminds me to honor the Largeness in me- no matter how I fear it. To stand up and bravely believe I am here for a purpose, for living in this moment in time. To speak my Largeness and to live my Largeness. And I hope in my own braveness, that I can encourage all of you to do the same.  May we bless the largeness inside of us- no matter how we fear it. #brave #butterflybtc