Over the summer, William and Ethan began a joint venture, Nguyen Brothers Magic Show, raising money to support Every Mother Counts. Their mission began when their ice skating coach, Jonathan, experienced a family tragedy. Jonathan’s sister-in-law was due to welcome their first baby into the family, the first born grand child on both side of the families, Cecilia. The baby was born healthy with strong APGAR score. However, her health began to deteriorate 40 minutes later and passed away in her mother’s arm. The boys asked if they could send the family flowers and card. Jonathan’s family was touched by their kindness but requested that rather than spending money on flowers which will wilt, they would rather have the money donated to a charity where it would go into research and development to save other families from heartaches like theirs. Over the summer, they put together several magic shows on our drive way and raised over $200 for the Every Mother Counts foundation. Then when Ethan found the Butterfly, his immediate thought was to continue to contribute to EMC. To date, they have contributed an equivalent of medical aide and supplies to save 14 pairs of mother and child. That is an impact on 14 families that get to have a blissful birthing experience with their love ones.
Christine Nguyen