One of the things that’s happening as we enter into this drastic change in our daily schedules, as we lose track of what day it is and even what time it is, is that we begin to access deep time. In deep time our emotions are closer to the  surface. We experience joy and sadness, frustration and exultation, loneliness and connectedness on a different level. It’s as if, in this slowing down and entering deep time we have the access to emotion we had as children. It’s as if we are awakening again- we have this sensation of intensity in our emotions that accesses a new vulnerability. You know that human moment when you experience  beauty  or truth or joy in a way that almost hurts because it is so pure? It’s almost as if that  emotion softens us to where we are not armoring up anymore.  You are allowing a childlike trust to open you to up, to make you available on a whole new level. Available to your partner, your kids, your larger family, your neighbors, your community. Just noticing this and taking time to name it and even write about it can be incredibly valuable. And then for me, once I identify and name this awakening, this accessing, this venerability, I can name it to myself and even chose to share the idea with my family. The sharing allows us to explore it together and integrate it into our communal experience of sheltering in. Perhaps we can use this opportunity to grow younger – and more vulnerable, and experience more childlike wonder with each other. #btc #butterflybtc