Each day is spent collecting memories. Like tiny pieces of a book torn out to create a college,  we make decisions about what experiences we carry with us.  Right now I’ve noticed  it’s especially easy for me to collect the heavy things. And that leaves me feeling weighed down. When I feel heavy, I know I need a shift in perception. I know the way I frame my experience each day has a profound impact on my well being. And as importantly, the well being of those around me. The memories I choose to focus on can help me to thrive personally as well as professionally. As we shelter in I’ve made it a practice to take photos and videos everyday. A tangible reminder of what we are doing. I capture many things; the laughter, the music, the dancing, the family meals, the quiet mornings reading by the fire, the game nights, our skill of the day. On Fridays I go through my phone and curate a college of the week. Focusing on those memories puts  me in a place of gratitude. A place of hope. A place of peace. Shifting to focus on the positive doesn’t mean ignoring the negative, it just means I am tending to the flowers rather than the weeds. I’m choosing to focus on the beauty this time is offering me. Curating memories of joy, of laughter, of togetherness, of deep conversation, of time to explore, of time to just be. Those pieces I chose to collect each day will be the heart and soul of the final portrait at the end of this time of sheltering in. And thus I will make it a daily practice to chose wisely. #butterflybtc