Cooking as a form of meditation has been my sanity lately. For me it’s as much of an art form as painting or writing or music. One of my teachers told me that meditation isn’t as much about losing yourself as finding yourself. Any form of active mediation- be it walking mediation, music meditation, or for me right now kitchen meditation,  allows our minds to be quiet. The incessant chatter, the worry, the plans- they all drift away when I’m fully concentrating on my art. There is a negation of time that happens when one is wholly present. And in creation I’m wholly present.  It feels holy.  Once I know that feeling of truly finding myself I can look for that feeling in other places. In a walk in the canyon, as I sit by the fire, when I listen to my family sharing. Tiny moments of being entirely fully present – being wholly with the moment, have become my new meditations. My kitchen has become  a holy place. #butterflybtc