Creativity in the time of quarantine.

I’m a journal girl. It’s my main creative release. I write every day, first thing in the morning. It’s part of the way I process the things I’m learning, work through problems, or just express myself creatively. As the family shelters in, I’ve been inspired by each of them to stretch my creativity beyond my writing. As I watch the boys tackle new instruments, I sit at the piano more. As I watch them paint, I pick up my brushes. As they do on line dance classes, I say yes to their invitation to join. As each day passes I find new inspiration in the kitchen, using my current gaggle of men to test different flavors, different textures, new recipes. Because I’m a beginner so many of these mediums I find myself enjoying the process. Once I dive in and decide to just try something new – there is a freedom in the process. There are no mistakes in process, everything is just an extension of my being. As I watch the boys play, I realize Creativity  isn’t about changing myself – it’s about meeting myself. #butterflybtc