“There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.” Vicki Baum.
#stayhome family bonding idea # 2  Dance Dance Baby!

There are 7 adults sheltering in under our roof, but only one of us would have been willing to boogie on the dance floor with confidence.

As we are looking for ways to hang out together, one of our crew suggested dance classes. Normally we would never all be in the same city, much less be available at the same time of day to do a class together. Voila, what  a cool way to turn that obstacle into an opportunity. Dance has turned out to have so many benefits. We are exercising, we are laughing and we become less inhibited. Honestly for me, when I  danced I was embarrassed because I want to look cool in front of others. My boys are teaching me that looking cool, really means letting loose.
The more we dance the more we want to dance. We went from 3 times a week with @sirtwitchalot and @allisonholker to 5 times a week with our resident dancer @samthaman who is able to do private lessons when requested.
We are becoming more flexible, more fun, and we are doing it together.  Plus I get the bonus of videos that will be treasured for a life time. #dancedancebaby #butterflybtc