These are my teachers. #family
I was scheduled to be on a retreat this week. Learning from one of the beloved teachers I follow. Seeking wisdom and guidance from being still and silent outside. Writing and reading, meditating and praying. Sitting in circle with others who had set aside time for inner growth and exploration.
And then this morning, so clearly – I realized I am on retreat. Right now. I have been for 4 weeks. And my teachers are with me. We are working on finding joy in small things. On being content with simplicity. We are mourning loss. We are practicing conflict resolution. We are becoming childlike together. We laugh and we cry. We sit together in circle nightly at the dinner table. We play together, clean together, cook together, exercise together. We process together this unprecedented time and what is happening in the world.  Each of these beloved men teach me every day. Patience. Perspective. Adaptation. Cooperation. Joy. Laughter. Spontaneity. Peace.  This retreat with these teachers will be one of the invaluable gifts of my lifetime. #butterflybtc