Family workouts
#Stayhome family bonding idea #4

One of the biggest adjustments we have had to make during Covid was the closure of our gym.

As my body is moving and my mind is free, the gym is where I get some of my best ideas.  This is so consistent,  I usually have a notebook or my phone near me so I can jot them down. I also love the community aspect of working out with my friends. I even plan my work schedule around the teachers who will challenge me each week. Losing this anchoring part of my day, left me feeling adrift. Yet again my family has helped me adapt. One of our boys started by texting “family Abs in 5” and we would all stop whatever we were doing and go do a 7 minute on line Ab challenge.  Cue the sarcastic comments from our crew, and  me laughing for much of the workout, which turns out to be a bonus when you are working on abs.  As we realized the “shelter in” orders were going to last for a while, we started taking advantage of some of the zoom options our gyms started  offering. At first I didn’t think i would like this option, but Im finding i really enjoy it. @kdoylecpt is one of my favorite teachers and I get to work out with her AND my friends from all over the city. @fitsociete our rehab gym has  online classes that our family will do together. The Monday Murph Challenge is going on week six for the boys. This is a one mile run, followed by 300 squats, 200 pushups, 100 pull-ups finishing off with a one mile run. We didnt have a pull up bar, so the boys worked together to build one. In the spirit of staying healthy and sane, our family workouts are just one more way i am being inspired to adapt myself and my attitude. We are embracing the quote “May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation.” #butterflybtc