How deep is your bench?

I am the only woman in a house of men. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in my element with a full house, many mouths to feed, and many hours to fill with what will be memories by this time next year. That said I find myself needing some feminine interaction each day. I need to verbally process the little things that are happening daily. Be they the bigger questions like “what is my purpose during this time?” or the smaller questions like “how in the world are we going to get by without our beloved hairdressers?” I was talking with one of my mentors this morning and she reflected back to me the gift of our friendship. She reflected back to me, the times I have inspired her. Things I have written or said that have stayed with her. Who I am as a wife, a mom, a business woman and a friend. And I shared with her how grateful I’ve been for her example as a successful woman in the business world. One who is strong and secure and honest. A woman of integrity and vulnerability. How she inspires me. We were mirrors for each other.

As women especially right now – we need each other. I think the kindest thing I can do for my men during this sheltering in, is to deepen my bench. To call on those friends who really see me and then because of that, inspire me to want to be my best version of a mom, a wife, and a human. And I know when I can reflect back to those friends who they are to me, it affects those around them. I encourage all of us to pick up the phone and reach out – remind someone of their value, and find out how that time spent, fills your heart too. #butterflybtc