Just Notice #earthday

On my vision quest this summer I spent 4 days alone in the Inyo National Forrest. Just me, my journal, a sleeping bag and 4 gallons of water. When you get really quiet outside and your mind stops spinning with all that you need to do, you start to notice things. Things that were always there – but you were too busy or distracted to see them. As I lay under a pine tree I saw for the first time a universe of intricate spiderwebs, iridescent tiny insects, luminous yellow buds, and the diamond like droplets of pine sap. I heard the wind whistle through the pine needles in a quiet symphony. I felt the change in temperature as the clouds danced across the sun and watched the shifting of the colors in the shadows. All of this was always there – I just never noticed it. When you sit in that kind of silent wonder – it’s a holy moment. I have found that even though I am not alone in the Inyo Forest,I still have access to that wonder.All I need to is do is sit outside each day and notice. Today for 🌍 day I can think of no better way to honor the earth than to go outside and just notice. If you can find 15 minutes alone, I invite you to go outside and just notice. Pay attention, and allow yourself to move past the boredom into the wonder. Then take a moment to write about your experience. Today as a gift, offer the earth 15 minutes of your time and find her beauty. From there you will know what is yours to do for her. How you can do be the change you want to see for your earth. #butterflybtc #earthday