Lessons learned in quarantine.  Laughter really is good medicine. 😷
It’s took us a little while but we realized it’s just as important to schedule time for silliness and laughter as it is to mediate, eat healthy, communicate clearly and spend time outside. Things get heavy in a hurry on days we haven’t set aside time for fun. So it’s becoming a priority in our very full house to play games, watch a comedian, make funny videos, try new activities – and just play more. The more we play the more we laugh and the more we laugh the better we communicate. I’m also noticing the the more I play the better I get at it. What felt silly and vulnerable at first is opening me up to a side of myself that I didn’t realized I’d closed off as I’d grown up. And the bonus is – it’s contagious. When one of us  is playful it effects the whole for the better. #shelterinplay #butterflybtc