Perspective in the time of quarantine. As the reality of “sheltering in  place”sets in, with no near end in sight, I find myself needing to get up above the pandemic. Trying to get a 10,000 foot perspective. My Grandma Betty, who turned 99 this year had been though many global crises- and thus she saw this pandemic through a different pair of lenses. Which prompts me to ask  “what would my 99 year old self tell me today?” I think she would say this time with my family is a gift. I think she would say this time of quiet isolation with those I love is a precious gift; a rare gem.She would tell me to stay present, love well, laugh often. And she would tell me this too shall pass far more quickly than I can imagine. She would tell me to treat this time as invaluable – that it’s worth more than I can understand right now. to be as deeply present as possible and look on this time as one that will bind me deeply to those I love. She would tell me that I might never have as unique an opportunity as this one happen again in my lifetime. I think my grandma Betty would say “Tasha dear, perhaps you should talk to your 99 year old self  more often.”🦋#butterflybtc