Quiet in a time of quarantine (An idea learned in solitude on a vision quest retreat last year)
In the absence of traditional a Sunday service, try to find 15 minutes to go outside and let yourself be loved. We spend most of our time in outward love and service towards others. So just see what it feels like to let yourself BE loved. Loved by God, cared for by nature, serenaded by Mother Earth. Put your  feet on the earth and sit. No music, no journal or paintbrush. Just you. Spend 15 minutes noticing. Perhaps its the bird song, the wind on your cheek, the sun on your face, the tiny spiderweb you would of missed had you not been so still. There is beauty all around you in the vastness of the clouds in the sky and the minute details of the ant crawling on your feet. Sit and know it’s all for you- the beauty, the connectedness, the abundance. All you have to do is witness it. It’s always there, we just have to be awakened to it. Allow yourself to know that You are loved. #butterflybtc