#reset and #remap

I was on a call with some colleagues last week and we were discussing the changes in life and work in the time of Covid-19.

The idea came up that instead of looking at this time as a pause in work and life, it’s actually an opportunity to  reset and remap our habits and life flow.
Its certainly been a re-set for mother nature. Surfers back in the water are reporting more dolphin sightings. There are stories of  bison lounging on the beaches of Catalina Island. We’ve all seen the space photos of our less polluted earth. Our canyon’s here in T-town are a riot of color and the much used foot paths are now covered with wildflowers abuzz with more bee’s and butterflies than I can ever remember.

Its been a reset for people too.  We are talking more to our neighbors, checking in on the elderly, spending more time at home  with our families. The thing about a re-set rather than a pause, is it allows us to lay the foundation for new practices. If it takes 21 days to break a habit and 90 days to change behavior – we are well on our way to the ability to remap our neural grooves for real change. What a beautiful opportunity to lay the foundation for a more sustainable way of life. For me I was moving at such a fast pace, I didn’t even know what I was missing. I move much more slowly these days- and its not so much that i don’t have the capacity for high activity, as that I have found I have mapped a higher capacity for boundaries on my time.I can say NO now, because I know I need more space and quiet in my life. For our family, the reset has given us back daily family dinners, daily meditation and daily music and painting.  We find we are curbing our consumerism, buying less and being content with what we have. We move more slowly and choose quality over quantity.  This  feels like a beautiful opportunity to redefine the covid pause as a life reset.  It’s a unique moment in time to carefully consider as we re-enter back into post Covid life, how to  integrate some of what we learned. #reset #remap #butterflybtc