There are at least half a dozen times in any good long term relationship when the relationship  is over. Relationships like the rest of life have stages. At the end of one stage that part of the relationship is over and you move to the next.

A relationship  is something that has to be worked at and so  many of us give up just at the point where our relationship could begin to grow.

Nothing good ever comes for free. With anything we really want to master,  we to go to classes, we study and practice  and then  work at that thing everyday.

Relationships take education, practice, and patience. Often the greater the thing the higher the price. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. People always hurt and betray each other. It’s inevitable.  It’s what we do with that pain which makes a relationship  good or bad. The only thing that I know for sure  about pain is that it helps me to grow. And what we  do now with the pain we are all holding can be part of the growing. I do not want to give up at the point just where the love can really begin to grow. I want to go to classes, to be better educated and to ask more questions. To work at this relationship everyday. The way we used to be in the relationship is over. A new stage is beginning. It will take patience, listening and much practice. I am ready and am willing  believe that this next stage can be transformative. I will not give into the hopelessness, and I will commit to working a little bit every day for a better future. #butterflybtc