Table topics @butterflybtc
As we are sheltered in, our family meals have become an important point of connection each day. Each night we go around the table and share our highs and lows. It’s a time to share the wide range of emotions we feel in the course of a “safe at home” day and an opportunity to check in on our mental and emotional well being. It’s also where we have the opening to bring up new ideas, share current concerns,  or just sit in community together. Every once in a while we have table topics.  Those  of you who know butterfly effect, know my favorite set of questions. If you haven’t done this with your family it’s a great way to get to know their hearts in new way. Go around the table and answer the question “what lights you up?” Listen, and then ask questions. Once everyone has answered then ask “what breaks your heart?” Again listen and ask questions. Finally “if you had $100 to give away where would you give it and why?” This 3rd question can evolve into finding a way to make that final  answer into a reality. As a family is there a way you can give to those who are in need? It could be $100, or 1 hour or 1 batch of fresh baked cookies. The idea is to find out where each person in your family feels energized and purposeful when serving, and then supporting each other in that. For me, helping each other *be the change we want to see in the world* feels like a particularly valuable activity in these times. #butterflybtc