“If we don’t teach our children to Be the Change, they won’t be.” –Jennifer Cauzza

Sometimes we find the truth in the likliest of places, in interactions and conversations that should be dynamic and mean something more than ordinary discussions from the beginning. This is how I felt speaking to Jennifer Cauzza a few weeks ago. Our connection was meant for something greater from the beginning, even before either of us knew it, the molecules of change were being arranged to form something greater than the two of us could do seperately. The likelyhood comes from who we are at the core, what we value and how we don’t want that to stop with us.

Jennifer Cauzza is the Executive Director the the Julian Charter School that serves San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Imperial Counties in Southern California. Julian Charter School (JCS empowers homeschool parents to provide a personalized education to their children, while receiving the support of credentialed teachers, curriculum materials and enrichment classes. Their mission is empowering learners with educational choice in a supportive, resource-rich environment, dedicated to excellence and committed to nurturing passionate, lifelong learners.

The Butterfly Effect is happy to announce that we are partnering with the JCS whose theme this academic year is Teach the Change. Because the truth is, if we don’t Teach the Change to our youth, they won’t be equiped with hearts and minds to Be the Change. It is up to us to plant the seeds of hope that small acts of kindness can change the world.

JCS has been back to school for a few weeks now and stories of change are already being reported. One mother emailed:

I just read Jennifer’s letter, and I wanted to share with you what happen on our way home from school on Thursday. Gavin and I stopped at Starbucks on the way home as a special treat for making it through the first week. On our way out a couple whom didn’t speak much English stopped us and asked us for directions. They didn’t really understand what I was telling them or the map I drew for them so I suggested that I drive to where they needed to go and they could follow me in their own car. They agreed that would work.

On our drive Gavin just kept saying “well wouldn’t you know we are doing it.” I said “doing what?” “You know the Butterfly effect, you do a nice thing for someone and it helps them out and makes a change for the better.” I said “yes Gavin that is what we are suppose to do help other people out if we can.” I didn’t think anything about in fact I might of been a little annoyed he was making such a big deal about being kind and helpful.

Now I see and I am so excited HE GETS IT!! The Butterfly Effect! Something clicked in him and he realized what it was, the teachable moment was there for him and it made sense to him. Thank you for being a middle school where you are striving to help these young people know the value of respect and care, for other people and our world. Please pass this along to the teacher who shared this little lesson.

The staff and students at JCS will be Dropping butterflies on Fridays throughout the school year. To stay updated on thier movement, like thier Facebook page and take a peek at their website. We are very excited to see where all these butterflies will take us, who will be impacted and where funds will be donated.

Being connected to academic institutions will help the Butterfly Effect movement spread molecules of love in communities all over the world. Look for updates on how we are partnering with these schools.

As schools al over the nation are back in session, we invite you to connect with our movement online and to find ways to Teach the Change so we can Be the Change in our communities.

Have a great year!