butterflyambassador1Sometimes you run across ideas that just click for you.  That’s what happened when I stumbled across the Butterfly Effect project and Tasha Wahl’s passion for giving and helping others. As an administrator in a school, annually I use a book to lead the theme for the year.  One of my employees shared the Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews and I connected it to Tasha’s butterfly project and “art drops.”

It took awhile to build the theme throughout our school community, but once it started, it changed our world.  We had weekly sign ups for groups to raise money and sponsor butterfly drops.  Once our staff got the hang of it, it began filtering down to the students.  By the end of the year, we sponsored 38 butterfly drops giving approximately $8,000 away to 33 charities.  The endorphins we received from this movement have been contagious and our staff would like to continue the movement next year, if not make it a permanent part of our school’s culture.