Social Butterfly Installation – Papillion, NE

The Papillion 150 and The Papillion Community Foundation Unveil New Butterfly Effect Mural

The Papillion 150 Committee along with the Papillion Community Foundation, The Butterfly Effect, The Bianchi Family and The Odermatt Family unveiled the first in a series of 12 butterfly murals promoting hope and change in our community.  This butterfly is a memorial to Kloe and Kirk Odermatt.  Julie Odermatt designed this powerful memorial to her husband and daughter.  Kirk died in 2011 and Kloe died in a car accident in 2019 at the age of 16.  The Wings of the Butterfly represent Kirk on one side with a powerful message of the importance of mental health and suicide prevention: Kloe on the other with remembrance and inspiration.  The words Fly High float above the butterfly and the semi colon is in the middle of the wings.  There are three smaller butterflies flying over Kloe’s wing that represent the three friends who were lost in the same accident.  The Butterfly was designed by Julie Odermatt and Don Dolan at Revolution Wraps then created and installed by his team.  The location was provided by Shadow Lake Towne Center.  Brian Lemon and his team at PREP Property Group prepared the site and were a big part of the install.  The Butterfly is located on the wall between the management offices at Shadow Lake Towne Center and the soon to open Early Bird Café.

This project is part of the celebration for the 150th birthday of Papillion and a representation of positive community change through art. By harnessing the impact of social media and joining that energy with the contagious generosity of people throughout the community and the world, we can bring lasting change that, over time, will grow into beautiful waves of philanthropy. Each butterfly will have a local sponsor through a five-year monetary commitment. This generous partnership will help launch the Papillion Community Endowment Fund to help the foundation accomplish its mission of identifying, developing and support community programs that enhance the quality of life in Papillion.

Video of Installation Process 

Address: 7775 Olson Dr.
Papillion, NE 68046