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Seek The Courage

My heart aches at the division i see in our country. The fear and the anger. What can we do? How can we be the change we want to see in the world?

What if we look back at history? Where have things changed and how have they changed?
In looking back at major social change, what we see is a building of consciousness. A building of a greater consciousness grasping a large number of people and then people acting on it.

It starts with consciousness and our definition of ourselves.

We have to change our perceptions.

What if the question is not “What do i get out of it?”, but “How do I bring out the good in you?”
Everyday acts and small acts can build up over time into a great movement.

The civil rights movement changed our country not because there was one heroic act that changed it. But everyday, small acts, tiny almost unnoticeable acts that were emulated and multiplied and built and built until our country was changed.

Change happens because YOU are concerned and she is concerned and he is concerned. Then we have a co-oridation that becomes a movement.

How can you seek the courage today to face adversity in ways that lessen rather than add to the suffering of the world? Lessen the fear, lessen the hate. Lessen the suffering. It takes one tiny act at a time. I cant give into the fear or anger, or it will win. My first act is to shift my consciousness to non- dual thinking. To choose empathy over anger. To choose compassion over hate. For me it means not needing to be right, but listening to why every one is angry and why are they afraid. Asking myself those same questions. Trying to understand it in myself and then understand it in others. If I can understand why they are angry and afraid I might be able to more clearly see the humanity in all of us. To try to see the greater picture: we are all equally trying to be heard. I hope to listen – and choose compassion. I hope to find the courage in each moment to transform my pain and not transmit it.

*many of these ideas are not my own, but were written after watching the movie I AM. I highly recommend this film to anyone feeling hopeless.