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Sponsor Your Own Butterfly Drop

 The heart of our movement is the Butterfly Drop. One way to increase your impact in your community is to sponsor your own Butterfly Drop. This is a fun and creative way to spread the molecules of the love and to promote generosity in your local area.  Many people have sponsored their own Drops as a gift, to celebrate the memory of a loved one or to simply inspire a wave of generosity to Be the Change they want to see in the world.

Butterflies are available to purchase for $50, $100 and $250.

We will provide the butterfly and Drop instructions making it easy for you to facilitate your own Drop or to give the experience as a gift. Once your butterfly is found we’ll handle the donation in the finder’s name.

 To order your butterfly drop kit click here.

 Give the gift of giving.

  Be the change YOU want to see in your community.