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The Butterfly Effect is reimagining philanthropy and inspiring individuals in partnership with a variety of organizations around the world.  Join us!

School Partners: From Florida to Washington, dozens of elementary, middle and high schools around the country have partnered with the Butterfly Effect to teach personal inspiration and self-directed philanthropy while raising thousands of dollars. School partners coordinate the installation and picture-collection of their unique Social Butterfly during the month-long campaign to raise $1,000 from our Foundation for their school. When the month is over, the possibilities for creative, interactive fundraising opportunities for the school community are endless! Our school partners tell us that the beauty of butterfly mural on campus lifts spirits, while its message that everything we do matters and touches others has lasting meaning and power on countless young lives.

Community Partners: Communities large and small, urban and rural have embraced partnering with the Butterfly Effect as a means of engaging in community-building and reinventing philanthropy through interactive street art.  Our community partners from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Houston, Texas have beautified streetscapes and neighborhoods with their own Social Butterfly mural that is far more than passive art. As one community organizer said, “The Butterfly Effect is a creative and artistic approach to activate idle areas for positive change. I think one of the most beautiful aspects of this project is how it makes giving back such an easy, fun and social experience.”  Community partner coordinators buy our Social Butterfly stencil, and organize the installation, as well as promotion and coordination for a month-long campaign to raise up to $2,000 from our Foundation, then let their butterflies soar with innovative ideas to keep up local engagement and positive changemaking.

Corporate Partners: Corporate partners with a sustainability commitment to communities where they live and work have found partnering with The Butterfly Effect valuable, innovative and fun. Our corporate and large partners, such as Mall of America and America Cancer Society, have used Social Butterfly installations and Butterfly Drop campaigns to further their mission, enhance reputation, and provide their employees with an interactive, fun volunteer program that helps showcase the transformative power of individuals.  Corporate partners can adapt Social Butterflies’ mission of blending creativity, generosity and empowerment to their own corporate giving and sustainability identity.  These partners can purchase the mural stencil, clear instructions and best practices, as well as Tasha Wahl’s inspiring keynote speaking engagement in order to tailor their own bespoke, impactful employee volunteer and community engagement program.

Interested in becoming a School, Community or Corporate Partner?  Email to learn more and be a part of the movement!

The Wahl Foundation

The Butterfly Effect is a grassroots movement redefining philanthropy one “butterfly” at a time by providing individuals the opportunity to give to a cause close to their heart. Harnessing the power of social media, we create a ripple effect of contagious generosity through our Butterfly Drops and Social Butterfly Installations.  Our movement is built on the idea that each and every person can be the change they want to see in the world by actively engaging in kindness, generosity and creativity.