Tasha Wahl is an artist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Her unique vision at the intersection of these disciplines inspired her to create the Butterfly Effect in 2013, an interactive philanthropic movement whose message echoes Gandhi’s belief that we must each be the change we want to see in the world.

Tasha has always believed that small, contagious acts of generosity can transform the world for the better. Her belief echoes Edward Lorenz’s “Butterfly Effect” theory –that even the softest flutter of a wing can affect the molecules around it, setting off a chain reaction that amplifies into major change.  This notion of igniting a chain reaction for Good, embodied by the symbol of hope itself — the butterfly — spoke to something deep in Tasha. When she tested the concept on a group of her children’s friends in her living room one afternoon, asking them “What lights you up? What breaks your heart?” and watched the excited conversation on giving that followed, she knew she was onto a new way to make philanthropy social, personal and fun.

Using interactive public art and social media, the Butterfly Effect revolutionizes philanthropy through its two central programs: Social Butterfly Installations and Butterfly Drops. Tasha’s life-sized interactive Social Butterfly installations can be seen all over the world and have been photographed in New York, Chicago, Boston, Phoenix, Nashville, Minnesota, and Washington DC, as well as in Europe and Mexico. Butterfly Drops involved a Butterfly Effect participant “dropping” and hiding a wooden, die-cut and decorated butterfly at a public location. The finder then names a charity of his or her choice to receive a contribution. Both leverage the positive power of social media to inspire others and create a broader dialogue on giving.

Social Butterflies and Butterfly Drops have resulted in powerful positive change – both in terms of individual empowerment and at scale.  For example, in 2016 the American Cancer Society partnered with Butterfly Effect to drop 5,000 decorated butterflies as part of its Relay for Life events. The butterflies then became part of a large-scale installation at the Mall of America celebrating the stories of cancer survivors and their caregivers.

Tasha lives in San Diego with Erik, her husband of 25 years. They have 3 wonderful boys, Krystian, Julian and Harley. Tasha is also the executive director of the Wahl Group consultancy firm and works with her husband, who is a world-renown artist, author and speaker.

To book Tasha to speak at your event or meeting, you can call: (858) 715-1997 – or – email: contact@butterflyeffectbethechange.com

The Butterfly Effect Keynote
What lights you up? What breaks your heart?

Each of us has a unique offering for the world, whether it’s for our community, our home, our work, or anywhere else. Have you ever wanted to spark change, but felt like you didn’t know where to start? In her 30-minute keynote, artist and entrepreneur Tasha Wahl shares her formula for creating her micro-philanthropy movement, The Butterfly Effect. She addresses the importance of gifting 10%, she helps audiences identify causes dear to them, and she shows them how to maximize the impacts of even the smallest acts of generosity and kindness. Formulated on Edward Lorenz’s concept that even a simple flutter of a butterfly’s wing can create ripples of profound change, The Butterfly Effect uses art, compassion and social media to change lives, communities, and the world. Following the keynote, Tasha co-creates a full-scale, human-size Wahl2Wall butterfly with your audience. Tasha’s butterflies can be found around the world hanging in corporate offices, hospitals, hotels, and community centers, where they inspire onlookers and help raise money for charity.