Tamara CochranTamara Cochran

“Words that pulse in my heart and run through my blood when decorating butterflies are Felicity, Jubilation, Whoopee, Imaginativeness, Originality, Inspired, Vision, Cleverness, Fantasy, Conception, Creativity and Beauty!”, says Tamara Cochran. As one of our featured artists, Tamara is a talented artist and photographer who shares a sisterly bond with her cousin, Tasha Wahl. “When I heard of Tasha’s Butterfly Effect idea and saw her passion for it, it fed my passion.” Wanting to be a part of this incredible journey with Tasha made her heart shout, “Where’s my wings, I wanna take off and flutter with you!”

Tamara has a true artist’s heart that shines through everything she produces. Creativity flows through her veins, her father, mother and brother are all working artist and she loves all aspects of art. Ten years ago Tamara was blessed with a daughter with special needs. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, entering the pandemonium of life with a child with special needs, caused all the things in her life that fit into nice, neat spaces, to be shattered.  “I didn’t know which end was up, and in order to breathe I had to quickly learn how to live in my new chaos,” says Tamara.  Abigail, has taught her more about life and God’s love than anyone. “A gift directly from The Creator’s hands to my life, she is His art, beautiful and perfect in her own special way!” Facing life in this new context has taught Tamara that life is messy, you have to ride the waves and roll with the punches. “Abby has taught me to turn art upside down and challenge myself to see the interpretation through fresh eyes and new perspectives.” Tamara’s idea of decorating the butterflies is for them to be “stunning little unique beauties bringing forth a beautiful wonder bestowed to a very deserving individual or goal”.

Butterfly Effect is honored to be working with an artist with such talent and creativity, with a heart that overflows with a love that is unique and courageous. Tamara loves gathering a wide variety of things to decorate her beauties and every butterfly created is fueled with a bag of milk chocolate and inspired by the smell of hot glue wafting through the air. Natural elements such as sand, sunflower seeds, almond husk and crushed dried rose petals find their way onto some of her creations as well as a variety of craft store tidbits, often gathered together with no rhyme or reason. An entire section of her garage is dedicated to her butterfly supplies. “It’s just glorious to sit at my kitchen table with all this decorating eye candy surrounding me, the wheels start turning, my heart skips a beat . . . Butterfly Effect has a brilliant purpose with a never-ending destination that spreads joy throughout the world. I consider it a privilege to partake in Tasha’s unprecedented lifework! She amazes and inspires me!”

Tamara Cochran – Photographer/Designer – Yorba Linda, CA