Kristen MelannsonKristen Melannson has been painting for eight years. In the beginning she painted everything with acrylics, as she grew as an artist her creative vision grew along with the mediums that were incorporated as well as her style. “When something strikes me and I want to paint it, it certainly may not look like what I physically saw, but what I saw and felt I try to transfer onto the canvas or workshop or whatever I am creating.”

Tasha and Kristen have been close friends for many years, when Kristen was asked to paint some butterflies she jumped at the chance. “When I was painting the butterflies, I was thinking about them flying over a meadow on a beautiful day and I painted them as if the meadow was reflecting on their wings”. Kristen uses colors and symbols such as hearts and flowers that represent oneness and equanimity of the meadow and the butterfly, “Something I wish to see more of on this planet”.

Kristen is currently putting together a program for Kindergarten Children to explore art and meditation. She believes that if every child were taught this, the world could look very different in the coming generations. “I would like to teach them how to get quiet enough to hear their inner voice,” she says. It is clear that Kristen has a passion for creativity and spreading peace that will reach far beyond what she is able to conceive, which is why her involvement with the Butterfly Effect is vital. Having artists that continue the ripple effect of Being the Change in the art they produce will impact our world one molecule at a time.

Kristen Melannson – Newton, MA