“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

– Hamilton Wright Mabie

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I love celebrating: birthdays, graduations, holidays. anniversaries.  For me those occasions are an opportunity to create a tradition that will become a recurring memory for our family. In our home, annual traditions are always captured on film, and mark time for us as we look back over the years. Some traditions started when the boys were little and others have evolved over the years, but we all have a sense that these traditions hold us together in a unique way.

For the past 20 years on May 1st, we have celebrated May Day by delivering flowers to our neighbors. The first year, I used  roses from our back yard and some little baskets I found laying around the house. I put the boys in the stroller and we walked around our block and left 5 baskets of flowers on the doorsteps of our neighbors. 19 years later we have increased our crew to include 8 boys and our deliveries to three dozen. When the boys were younger, they looked forward to May day because this was the only time all year that door bell ditching was considered acceptable. As time goes by, the antics around the deliveries get more and more… acrobatic. May day has become nothing short of a special ops delivery where the rule is don’t get caught, AND deliver with as much flair as possible.

Every year, I get a sweet picture of each boy holding a basket of  flowers,  and they get the videos of the crazy deliveries. Together we are making memories, that turn into stories to tell for years to come.
For me, Celebrating May Day, is about knowing that we are brightening the doorsteps of our friends and neighbors, “Engaging the world in a conspiracy of love.”, all the while celebrating and making the memories that will hold us together tomorrow.  #butterflybtc #mayday