Just Do Today has been a principle I’ve tried to live by for several years now. By staying in the now- not thinking the about the past or worrying about the future, I find I am the most present and available for whatever my work is TODAY. Living in the coronavirus world has really helped me to exercise this principle. We went from just Erik and I, to a house full of 8 adults. And honestly I’ve loved having everyone home.  But in the last 2 weeks I’ve found that Just Doing Today, has been challenging. Some days feel like weeks. There are so many unknowns. And they stretch out info an unforeseeable future.

When will we be able to work again? And if we can go back to work, will our industry look anything like it used to? When will the boys be able to go back to school? Will school even look the same as we know it? Will our working boy’s industries even exist anymore?  If not, what will they do? When will we be able to see our parents again? Is traveling by air even an option?
Just doing today can get overwhelming in a hurry. So I changed it to Just Do This Hour. I can be present for an hour. Even a painful hour of looking into the reality of the challenges that are happening in light of these new corona conditions. If I need to, I can even downsize to, Just Do This Minute. Surely I can sit in this for a minute. Sitting in the Liminal space, the space of unknowing, and being ok with the unknowing. I don’t need to know the answers for everything to be alright right now.  I don’t want to just talk about this practice, I want to model it to my family.

I am finding there is a freedom in Just Doing This Hour. It gives me the ability to have a really bad hour, and not ruin the entire day. I get a reset. A do over. And when I break it down to a minute, I have the ability to really believe in the power of a shift in perspective.  I think right now, as we all wait to see what the future holds, having the ability to reset multiple times a day, can be a gift. Not just for ourselves and our own wellbeing, but for those around us too. Just do today. Or this hour. Or this minute. Because the next minute gets to be a brand new beginning. #butterflybtc