“Joy is an act of resistance” Toi Derricote
It’s been a really rough few days for me. And I’m okay with a range of emotion; with pendulating back and forth between my ups and downs. I still want to have my family see me expressing my human emotions. But there are days when I feel like curling up in bed, pulling up the covers and not coming out. Those days when I find myself slipping into darkness. I bought a shirt last year with the quote on it “joy is an act of resistance” I bought it to remind myself that I want to choose to be a bearer of light. Even when I feel the darkness closing in. So when I felt myself spiraling too deeply into the dark the last few days, I committed to joyful acts. Playing piano. Saying yes to an on-line hip hop dance class with my boys. Making a rainy day comfort dinner of homemade soup and cheese bread. Learning a new card game with the family. Taking Chloe for a long walk. And now, writing to share with all of you. I just felt the need for  declare “out loud” that today,  I choose the discipline of joy. One little act at a time. Joy is my act of resistance. #butterflybtc