Lessons learned from Mother Earth. I find myself outside more often then not these days- I need to feel the sky above me for the freedom I am craving. The more time I spend outside the more attuned I am becoming to the earth and her creatures. As my mind slows down due to less activity, as my body slows down due to less busyness, my senses are heightened.  The bird song is sweeter, the roses colors  are brighter, the bees bustling in the wildflowers seem to be  dancing. There are entire worlds all around me. How do I not notice them everyday? Because Im rushing. Or I’m distracted. Due to quarantine so many of my distractions have been removed. As I sat by a stream today and watched a floating daisy – my shadow was reflected in the water. And I felt as if the stream was noticing me. Reflecting back to me my own quiet presence. I would not have chosen this quiet if you had given me the opportunity to choose. And I found myself being grateful that it wasn’t my choice. Because inside of this quiet that is being nurtured each day, is a new peace and a new piece of me. The piece that notices the tiny worlds all around her, the piece that understands poetry anew, the piece that thrills to music and art. The peace that comes with the healing of being still. And so I find myself grateful for not being in charge. I would of missed the gift of this piece of peace. #butterflybtc