Leigh Beard

4ca71b_00df460b1c6f44748de897b7d5234ae1My name is Leigh Beard and I am the Designer on Amanda Sellier’s Origami Owl 4ca71b_4093f4f01eca47cc91caa98f6b6caac6Team who found the butterfly this morning!! I would like to donate to NAAF- National Alopecia Areata Foundation in honor of Gia Molinari who is the sweet 2 yr old daughter of Michelle who is another designer on our team. Right before I found out about the Butterly Drop, Michelle and I had just finished talking about Gia and the Alopecia convention she will be attending in June. She and Gia have such a positive outlook on living with Gia’s disorder so when I was asked where I would donate the $250 if I were to find the Butterfly, I immediately said I wanted to donate to the Alopecia Foundation. BUT, I gets better…as I ran back to my car in the cold and rain I noticed that Amanda decorated her butterfly to honor our AWESOME Military. The butterfly it self looks so cool but then when I got in my car Toby Keith’s American Soldier was playing and it inspired me right away to “RAISE THE BAR” and challenge every one on our Origami Owl team to donate $50 from their next Jewelry Bar commissions and donate it to our wounded veterans Wounded Warrior Fund. I am in the process of creating a way to donate online and will be encouraging everyone to make a donation!! I will let you know how it goes!! I am so motivated and super excited!!! Finding the Butterfly made my day!

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