Eric Zhevel

When I give, I feel my life is more abundant and full. When I give, I feel the most connected to people and humanity. It’s a tough concept for a young mind to wrap around, especially when we live in a financially insecure society.

With the help of Tasha, we have brought the Butterfly Effect to UC Berkeley. We do one drop a month and so far, we have seven students who have decorated and hid a butterfly on campus. And to date, over a dozen students have found a butterfly drop and donated to their charity of choice.
The Butterfly Effect is more than giving. The Butterfly Effect is the gift of giving. I appreciate how Tasha has given this gift to me and other students at Berkeley. For the finder or decorator, the butterfly effect plants a seed of hope and introduces us to important values like giving and being the change we want to see in our world.
I am a product of the fantastic people in my life — The Wahl family, the Correll family, Ed Earl and his wife, Sue Earl. These individuals have inspired, empowered, encouraged me for as long as I can remember. Thank you!

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